USS Drum (SS-228)

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365) Larry McCann ST-1 (SS)  Male
Macon, GA Location
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Monday, April 6, 2015 10:52 AM Host:

Having qualified on the USS Greenfish SS-351, a Guppy 3A, it is impressive on the work you have done on her! I saw the YouTube video "Submarine USS Drum Unsung Hero Of WWII" that brought me to your sight! Most people don't realize that table you are sitting at, w Back Gammon Top, seats 6 at meal time. The small window is where the food came out of the kitchen to be passed around, home style, to the crew! About 5' toward the camera was the crews racks. There were more racks in the forward Torpedo Room and in the After Torpedo Room! This was the After Battery and under the deck was massive batteries! This is a living history that words can't describe! You are doing a great job here! Hope to see you all this year (2015)! Larry McCann ST-1(SS) SS-351

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